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Overwhelmed By Emotion Essay

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Overwhelmed by Emotions

I know there are many times in my life that my emotions have taken me over and caused me to do things that I couldn’t control, but one that comes to mind is about my emotion of anger. When I was younger I could get angry pretty easy especially when my brother messed with me, but what I was most bothered by ...view middle of the document...

However, I always thought I had a chance to win even when the odds were against me. The worst part in a practice is when I would have the ball, I was on a bad team, we were losing by a lot, and then some kid kicks me in the legs. I would get furious, right as I would happen, I would look for the coach to call the foul, but he would never call it for some reason. Suddenly, as I see the coach say play on, this uncontrollable anger takes me over. This was horrible because I would get so angry that I would try to go make a hard tackle on the guy who fouled me even though he was my teammate. Every time this happened I would hate myself after, but there was nothing I could do about it besides try to suppress the revenge so that I do not hurt anyone. This only happened a few times and as I grew up I was able to learn to cope with it and eventually overcome it.

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