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Overcrowding Essay

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Chapter 10 – Nutrients, Physical Activity, and the Body’s Responses

Chapter Learning Objectives

10.1 Discuss the short-term and long-term benefits of achieving cardiorespiratory fitness.

10.2 Explain how the fitness pyramid can be incorporated into anyone’s lifestyle. Suggest simple ways to increase activity level throughout the day.

10.3 Explain why it is important for an athlete to maintain blood glucose levels before, during, and after vigorous exercise.

10.4 Describe how an elite athlete’s body uses dietary protein during and after strenuous exercise.

10.5 Discuss which vitamins and minerals are essential for optimal athletic performance and why they are important. ...view middle of the document...


5. Characteristics of cardiorespiratory endurance include:
a. increased cardiac output and oxygen delivery.
b. reduced blood pressure.
c. increased resting pulse.
d. a and c
e. a and b

6. In the early minutes of an activity, _____ provides the majority of energy the muscles use to go into action.
a. fat
b. liver glycogen
c. muscle glycogen
d. protein
7. As physical activity continues, which of the following flows into the bloodstream to signal the liver and fat cells to liberate their stored energy nutrients?
a. epinephrine
b. thyroxine
c. lactic acid
d. a and b
e. a and c

8. Anaerobic glucose breakdown produces a compound called _____ that accumulates in the tissues and blood.
a. urea
b. lactate
c. uric acid
d. amino acid

9. A person who continues exercising moderately for longer than _____ minutes begins to use less glucose and more fat for fuel.
a. 5
b. 10
c. 15
d. 20
10. Which of the following is (are) included in a safe plan for carbohydrate loading?
a. severely restricting carbohydrate intake before the competition
b. gradually cutting back on activity during the week before competition
c. eating a high-carbohydrate diet during the three days before competition
d. a and b
e. b and c

11. Which of the following factors does not influence how much glucose a person uses during physical activity?
a. carbohydrate intake
b. age of the person exercising
c. duration of the activity
d. degree of training of the muscles

12. Strategies which help endurance athletes maintain their blood glucose concentrations for as long as they can include:
a. eating a high-carbohydrate diet regularly.
b. taking in glucose during endurance activity.
c. consuming fat and protein before the event.
d. a and b
e. b and c

13. The first symptom of dehydration (besides thirst) is:
a. hypoglycemia.
b. heavy breathing.
c. heat stroke.

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