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Overcoming Coercive Management In Schools Essay

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The ABC school system is the largest school system in the United States. It serves over one million students in the five boroughs of New York City. It has over 1,700 schools including elementary, middle, junior, and high schools as well as specialized schools for special needs students. It is headed by a city mayor who oversees the system as well as a chancellor. There have been many changes in educational philosophies over the years, including sweeping changes in the curriculum. Many of these changes have originated from the federal No Child Left Behind Legislation (NCLB) legislation to reform educational practices. The main tenet of the change sought to raise reading ...view middle of the document...

The performance enhancement requirements are obsolete. Teachers become isolated and withdrawn from the rest of the staff in the building. They suffer from post-traumatic stress syndrome, insomnia, obesity, malnourishment, and often other psychological disorders.
Martin works in the New York City School System. He has instructed elementary school children for the past twenty four years. He began his career as a substitute teacher and worked his way up tenured status. His undergraduate studies were paid for by the NYC School System through the Career Ladder Program. Martin’s current role is to relieve teachers to allow them to have a preparatory period. This involves taking over the class so that the teacher can have the time to prepare their lessons for the classroom children. This benefit is entitled to teachers for one period in the school day. His services reach 700 students each year beginning with pre-K students and ranging all the way up to 5th grade. Our group wanted to get a personal account of the agony Martin went through and asked him to express it in a few words: “Over the past four years my performance was rated unsatisfactory by the principal. The principal was condescending, demeaning, and repeatedly bullied me into resigning; stating that if I didn’t that I would lose my job”. This occurrence is essentially an example of the principal exercising coercive power. This matter could have been addressed with numerous other positional power tactics. The principal legitimized his positional power with a negative connotation. Instead of appreciating the services provided by Martin, he was greeted with a defamatory disposition. It is clear that after teaching for so many years at teacher can suddenly become incompetent. It is clearly evident that the intent of the principal was to elicit a resignation plea.

Problem Statement
The ABC school system has allowed administrators to use coercive power as a management style in an effort to influence teachers deemed struggling, to leave. There is also evidence that this type of management style is being emulated in other school systems around the world. The coercive style is one of the many different management styles that managers can follow. The management style is usually reflective of what the institution represents. When an education institution condones its principal’s to incorporate a coercive power management style, there are many negative outcomes which reverberate. Stress related disorders, reduced job performance, high turn-over rates, increase in sick time, loss of profits and a decline in work output. In this paper we will examine the dynamics of how principals using coercive power can affect the level of job satisfaction and job performance. We will look at several articles and studies that measure the effects of this type of bullying behavior and how it affects the employee’s psychology. This paper will demonstrate alternative styles of power that...

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