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Orientation Essay

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It is in important as an health professional to be a good listener towards people around you because I have experienced how painful it is to be not listened by people around you or to be disturbed by people while you are telling them something you feel it is painful to your heart. To listen just to someones pain it makes that person to feel as if they have released some heavy load from their backs without doing anything much for them. I will answer this question by telling how did I feel when ...view middle of the document...

I also learned that it really hurts when someone is annoyed when you are telling them something it makes you to feel that you are stupid and you end up regretting yourself for telling them your pain. It is important as IHP to show empathy to your patients it is when you are living to anothers person and you do not judge because you are imaginating the situation in both ways e. g if it was you who have done what your patient has done so you are not able to judge once you put yourself into someones shoes .
Body language speaks a lot when someone is listening to you or not so when you are listening to someone your body must shift and look to the side where the person who is speaking is that means you are paying your whole attention to the patient, eye co-ordination also plays a great role in listening as IHP when you are looking at someone while they are talking that makes them feel as if they are listened than looking far while they are talking to you. It is important as an IHP to have enough knowledge as possible so you can reflect the situation of your patient to your life experience in the field of health sciences.

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