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Organizational Structure And Processes Essay

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Organizational Structure and Processes
Kim Henderson, Kimberly Butler, Ronda Evans
University of Phoenix
Building Community in Human Service Organization
BSHS 461
Chris Shreve
July 18, 2011

Organizational Structure and Processes
People working with marginalized, displaced or special populations experiencing obstacles to the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness human service workers considered. Human services encompass a wide range of responsibilities. In human services, professionals have a broad range of skills in their collective roles in helping people with various social issues. The human service field can include a variety of job titles such as Director, Counselor, ...view middle of the document...

Local Organization
The Detroit Central City Community Mental Health (DCC) is a nonprofit organization servicing the community of mental health in the Metropolitan Detroit Area. The Detroit Central City Community Mental Health is a full service mental health agency for adults diagnosed with a mental illness, substance abuse/homelessness. The DCC managed under the leadership and guidance of well educated, licensed, and experienced staff of human service professionals: board of directors, deputy director with a CSW as well as an ASCW, a housing director with a register nurse and MSN, an onsite division director with a CSW and ACSW. Health Service Coordinator with a BSW, a Team Leader with a MSW and CAC-1, and facilitators with BSN/AA degrees.
The DCC models the Matrix Structure model blending both functional and divisional methods. The DCC operates two divisions, a housing division and an on-site division. The housing division consists of six programs: PATH, ACT 1, ACT II, ACT III, Adult Foster Care, and Crisis Mobilization Team. The Housing Division a collaborative effort by DCC and other members of the Person Centered Network has reduced the inpatient hospitalization length of stay for consumers 21 and older waiting for long-term residential placements and prevent hospital admission for homeless consumers present at psychiatric screenings. The On-Site Division has five programs: out-patient, services, dual diagnosis; mental illness/substance abuse program, partial day program, supportive housing program, substance abuse prevention, and intervention program.
The DCC specifications of service include: transportation for consumers from hospital/screenings to DCC and various community resources as required, providing food, shelter and supervision seven days a week, 24 hours a day by trained staff, psychiatric evaluation conducted by a psychiatrist to determine mental condition and emotional functioning, prescribed medication when indicated, medication review, comprehensive evaluation of consumer’s health, case management, psychological assessment, person centered individual plan of service, coordinate, and monitor services based on consumer’s needs including: permanent housing referral, crisis intervention, day treatment services, and support groups. The DCC is a voluntary program. Consumers may walk in or be referred from any screening center, be able to manage basic needs independently, able to manage medication independently and be a Wayne County Resident.
Detroit Central City Community Mental Health project with its operations and services to the mental community exemplifies the goal of the human service profession as well as models the theoretical view of Blake and McCanse of team management. An ideal style of leadership based on concern for meeting the goals of the agency as well as helping the people served live better lives (Lewis, Packard, Lewis, 2007). DCC do this in a structured environment, managed by...

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