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Organizational Issues Essay

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Organizational Issues

Ashley Anderson


March 6, 2014

Organizational Issues

The ethical issues presented in Week Three Ethics Game Simulations were from the Mysterious Blogger and The Veiled Id, the ethical issues address in game simulation of "The Mysterious Blogger" was whether or not the material gained by IT Tech, Jamal Moore was ample to control blogging employee Aaron Webb for violating the NDA policy. The ethical concerns for the game simulations for "The Veiled ID", was to address how to improve a security policy that would accommodate the special needs and the physical safety of the employees'. The decision-making steps one took to address these issues ...view middle of the document...

With the simulation, show that you could not basic all decisions on feeling but that he or she have to think about the entire result. The moral perspective has an immense influence on my decision because sometimes everything was not in black and white. You have to think about the whole concept of the issue. The lenses show that every aspect and how it would affect the company, employees, and shareholders. Wanting everyone to know that their privacy is not compromised by fellow or former employees and that every idea presented is being taken into consideration. Just like in The Veiled ID simulation IT has to consist other ways for to enforce physically security do to some belief of the employees. With these simulations sometimes you have to go against everything you believe in, but go by everything that is ethical. These simulations showed that the decision you make sometimes will be one you will not usually make.
These simulations relate to my former career United States Army. The United States Army is strict wearing the proper and corrected head gear, tattoos being cover and beard shave not matter what your religion. Nothing that is not authorize could be worn on the top of the head, hair most be shave off face, and tattoos had to be covered while in uniform. Now the rules the department of defense has a new regulation that relaxes the...

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