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I work for a local retirement home, or more correctly a Residential Care Facility for the Elderly. I have worked for this community for over ten years and I have become very involved and invested with the community, the staff, management, and, more importantly, the residents, past, current, and future. The industry my community belongs to is essentially healthcare. Albeit a more specific, niche part of healthcare. The building I work for is not a nursing home, and the residents, although some may move in as technically “independent” residents, each is still receiving assistance with a variety of activities of daily living. Such activities include but are certainly not limited to meal ...view middle of the document...

Specifically when placing a resident who has memory issues. We have to make the decision and be certain that we are providing the most appropriate placement for all residents who come though our doors. More times than not, when we send off paperwork to doctors’ offices prior to a potential resident moving in, the doctor will state, in the paperwork, that the patient, because of his or her memory issues, has a form of dementia. After we meet the potential resident we notice said resident does not have dementia, and only has, what is medically considered MCI, or “Mild Cognitive Impairment” generally due to old age.
When we have cases such as these we feel we have a duty to not only appropriately place the potential resident with what we feel is the correct level of care, the level of care the families feel comfortable with, and we must also adhere to rules and regulations set by our licensing and by the state. Regardless if another, often a competitor, can provide the same level of care as our community, we must make the families aware of all their options.
Other that what was mentioned above I don’t feel that I have had to deal with too many ethical issues because I deal with families and residents solely before they move in. After residents move in they bring their concerns...

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