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Organizational Design Essay

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1 What can companies do to protect themselves from legal action with regard to ageism?

On one hand, company can draw up workplace policies to avoid any inference of age discrimination in organizations management by legal adviser. When some policies are ruled by law in organizations, those who are 50 years of age or older have the job chances as same as young people. So that facing ageism problem, it can guarantee that the internal organizations have a completed rules with legal action and manage system to solve and treat fairly.

On the other hand, companies can make employment decisions based on job performance and economic considerations. Except age, they are also legitimate factor to ...view middle of the document...

However, if people don’t have retire, much experienced people stay in the organizations and give some practical advice for promoting internal integration and whole development steps.

3. Should the government legislate or should companies be left to decide their own workplace policies?

The government should legislate against age discrimination instead of leaving the companies to decide their own workplace policies, since government policy has the same standard functions to all the companies and it forces the firms to comply with it. Giving the power to the companies and leaving companies set up their own policies will lead to different standards, which is difficult for government to monitor and administrate the incurred issues. Furthermore, government should legislate against age discrimination to provide for the economic security of an ageing population since the issues are rising quickly.

4. How can older people build political power in organizations to ensure that their views are represented?

Older people can build political power by three means. First is by using organizational position. Older people can build their political power by reaching to a higher organizational position which can provide the rights such as legitimate authority, the ability to reward or the capacity to punish.

Second is by using personal behavior. He or she could become an expertise in some specific area in order to build the power by the respect of others. Or he can build alliances or networks with other colleagues in mutual beneficial exchanges to increase his power over time.

Third is by using situational forces. Information becomes power when others need and do not have. He or she may have important information in their expertise field and can develop their power through selective distribution of information and guarded communication.[1]

5.Diversity can become threatened by power relationships. How can organizations ensure that power is dispersed throughout the workplace and that everyone has an equal value?

According to Bacharach and Lawler (1980), sociologists refer to social exchange theory as the expectation that each individual caught in the dependency web of power relationships aims for positive outcomes. But exchanges are not equal, and for some not even positive....

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