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Organizational Behavior Analysis

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Organizational Behavior BUS610

Organizations have found it imperative to have some elements of motivation to foster the productivity of their employees. This is not only true for the organizations engaged in profitable ventures but also to non-profit organizations which have found that motivated individuals do a better job compared to demotivated individuals. Numerous theories have been developed since time immemorial to discuss and suggest various ways through which an organization can get its workforce motivated. Motivation has been discovered not only to be factor in good performance but also a factor for self-satisfaction; no matter the approaches the theories use to ...view middle of the document...

Consequently, the employees’ job satisfaction was low, impacting on their performance and general productivity of the company.
Maslow’s Theory of Motivation (Hierarchy of Needs)
Abraham Maslow was a humanistic psychologist who went ahead to develop what is dominantly known in the organizational cycles as the hierarchy of needs. His study focused on subjective experiences mainly experienced by individuals against the corresponding motivational levels that defined their productivity at that moment. According to Koltko (2006) This study as well, concentrated on the innate force within an individual that drives them towards self-actualization; a level at which one feels to achieve the best since they work at their highest ever known capability. Maslow developed a hierarchy of needs that started from the basic psychological needs up to the self-actualization needs where he studied that all humans have to pass to be fully satisfied with their jobs thus translating to higher motivation and productivity. Simply said, those individuals who attain self-actualization represent the maximum psychological needs that are needed for one to function in a healthy manner.
The hierarchy of needs is more often presented as a pyramid where the bottom of the needs presents the most basic psychological needs while at the top of the pyramid there is self-actualization. The pyramid is made in that needs at every stage must be accomplished before moving on to the next stage. The bottom four needs present the deficit needs whereas the last four needs present the growth needs (Loh et al, 2000). Deficit needs are the basic requirements in life that maintain the physical and emotional well-being and at such levels; they matter most to the employee than any other thing around them....

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