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The organization that I chose to discuss in this assignment is a place that I am currently employed at. This is a not-for profit organization called The United Way of the River Cities, Inc. This organization is designed to meet the needs of the community through monetary disbursements. This organization runs fundraising campaigns January through June. The Director of Resource Development recruits volunteers and uses them as ambassadors in the community.
These ambassadors give presentation at local businesses to inform them of the mission of the United Way in hopes of generating funds through the use of donations pledged by the employee. The employee would fill out a pledge card ...view middle of the document...

The local YMCA has a program called “Kids in Motion”. This group is a funded partner. Funds are allocate to this group to help reduce childhood obesity by hosting after school activities that give kids the opportunity to exercise and have fun. They have purchased a gaming system that is attached to a bicycle. The children must be a two person team and in order to have power to the gaming system, they must pedal and keep up a good speed or they lose power. This is one of the many funded partners that receive grants from the United Way of the River Cities, Inc. Another funded partner, is the Boys and Girls Club that focuses on nutrition and mentoring.
Not only does the United Way of the River Cities, Inc. disburse funds by the way of grants. This organization houses community initiatives. These initiatives are partly funded for the first year until such time the initiative is able to apply for federal and state grants. The current initiatives are Success by Six, Financial Stability Partnership, Education Matters and Drug Free Communities.
Success by Six works with local organizations to facilitate talks and disburse literature to ensure that children have a good start in life. This person disburses bags to the local hospital that give tips to new mothers regarding how to care for a newborn. Pamphlets include “back to sleep”, how to connect with a newborn and how to care for a newborns gums. These are only a few that are included in this wealth of information given to parents. This initiative has brought Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library to the area. This program will send a book each month to a child, regardless of parent’s income, up to a certain age.
Financial Stability Partnership gives presentation in the community to establish financial awareness. They offer free credit reports and have a sub-group called Vita that prepares taxes for individuals and/or families who make less than $52,000 a year.
Education Matters is an initiative that is working to reduce the dropout rate. Education Matters hosts many AmeriCorps individuals and places them in schools to be mentors to at risk youth. The AmeriCorps volunteers are then awarded monies for school through their organization. Education Matters also hosts workshops in governmental housing that will provide at risk youth with a variety of skills to succeed in school. This can be through reading programs or computer lessons.
Also, this initiative has an adult literacy program that will help disadvantaged adults learn to read or improve their reading skills. This is essential in impoverished areas that do not typically have access to this type of assistance. It is well known that the third grade state reading tests determine what the future size of the prisons will be. This is a sad result of poor opportunities in our area and the result of a bleak outlook on life. Education Matters is trying to pull the focus on education and improve the outlook that children in...

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