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Organization Behavior Essay

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1. Introduction
Workforce diversity refers to the differences among people in terms of age, race, gender, ethnicity, religion and disability status (Robbins and Judge, 2014). In today's business environment, workforce diversity is at the highest peak it has ever been. Companies are becoming more diverse to cope with globalization, business expansion, technology advancement and maintaining its competitiveness in the market. The purpose of this report is to understand the demographics and level and types of diversity of the workforce in the author’s organization. After which identify and describe the diversity management strategy that the organization employs, with the aims to eliminate ...view middle of the document...

The size of the company is considerably small, which consists of approximately 20 employees only. Even though the company is small, the workforce is extremely diverse in terms of surface level diversity such as age, gender, race, disability and length of service in the company.
In the company, there are employees of both genders, female and male. In fact, the numbers of female and male employees are equal. The managers of each main department comprises of both female and male as well. In terms of work performance, there is no difference in their abilities to carry out their task and completing it on time. According to Robbins and Judge (2014), women in managerial positions are more hostile and working mother are more likely to be absent from work. However, such situation was never observed in author’s company. This is partly due to the organization culture that all the employees are treating the company as their ‘second home’. As a small company, people are more connected and communicated, thus it is more likely to reduce misunderstandings and conflicts.
As mentioned earlier, Singapore is a multi-racial country and many organizations consist of all 3 major race groups, which are the Chinese, Malay and Indian. However, even when benefitted from such advantage, some issues are still inevitable such as discrimination and unfairness. In author’s company, the top management including the Managing Director are all Indians. Thus employees perceive that the Managing Director is more favorable and have more trust of his own race.
With regards to age difference, author’s company is not as diverse as compared to larger organizations. The age varies from twenties to forties in the company, which is considerably a young workforce. The employees are more active, creative and have higher tendency to try out new ideas.
All in all, organizations that have highest level of diversity will have the widest possible pool of competency. However, it is important for organizations to implement diversity management strategies in order to build an inclusive and harmonious workplace. A diverse workforce that is effectively managed can improve productivity, customer satisfactory and higher employee engagement.

3. Diversity management strategies
In order to build harmonious working environment, both employees and managers play important roles. Organisations should educate them with the importance of working in a diverse team and encourage them to display attributes, behaviour and attitude that promote diversity. By adopting diversity management, organizations can build a positive work environment whereby both the similarities and differences of individuals are valued. Consequently, maximizing employees’ productivity and ultimately contributing to organization’s strategic goals and objectives.

In author’s company, the management has embedded the strategies in their Human Resource (HR) practices:
• Recruitment – HR manager selects potential candidates which...

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