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Organization Analysis

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Tyco-ADT is a worldwide supplier of electronic security/fire alarm, communication and building management systems. Tyco-ADT has branch offices in 50 different countries, with over 62,000 permanent employees worldwide and another 32,000 contractors. That number is expected to Grow as Tyco ADT is currently in the middle of a breaking itself down into three different companies (Tyco Integrated Systems, ADT LLC, and Tyco Fire and Security) in an attempt to earn more value. They have recently bout out its main competitor Brinks Home Securities who were operating under the name of Broadview to make this split more successful in terms of providing customers with the products and service they have ...view middle of the document...

Due to Tyco’s involvement with the World Com/Enron scandal, they have had to not only rebrand themselves and ensure potential employees knew that are a reputable company to be associated with, they must also deal with government constantly looking over their shoulder adding an undue burden of stress and anxiety. To combat this challenge King and Bishop, 1994 state that HR managers and interviewing managers need to be up front and honest to both current and potential employees as to build a relationship of transparency focusing on the future and not the missteps of the past. Doing so will also show people how far the company has come since their past errs in judgment.
Having Branch offices in over 50 foreign countries has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of course are increased market share, and shared technology/resources with foreign entities. Yet it has disadvantages as well such as having to deal with the vast differences in international laws, religions, and cultures (Matthews, 1998). Though Tyco-ADT has a blend of various backgrounds, ethnicities, cultures, and genders they must still ensure that they are not discriminating against any one group of people. With the current split, there has been some inkling of recognized disparity between the numbers of male employees being promoted to project or program manager over the number of women. None of the positions as Tyco-ADT are that being male is bona fide occupational qualification, meaning that there is no reason that the person who takes the position has to be a male (Bishop, King, 1994).
With that it could be recommended that these positions are not filled by the traditional managerial interview process, but rather a panel interview with an equal and balance amount of both qualified male and female interviewers. To go a step further, it could also be suggested that scenario based questions be asked at the interview to get a true sense of the prospects experience. When it is done the panel as a group decides who they want to hire for said position eliminating the unfair playing field for all.
Tyco-ADT is already in international markets as they operate in over 50 foreign countries. Yet as times change and cultures keep evolving Tyco-ADT need to stay current with what business practices are accepted in those regions and adapt accordingly. Every country has their own laws and regulations as to what is accepted practice, so HR managers need to ensure that they are fully versed or have the resources to provide employees with what’s acceptable and not acceptable (Stahl, 2006). HR managers also need to be sure that they are sending and employee into a place where that employee is comfortable with the culture and its practices. Sending a woman to a country where woman are not respected as leaders or that they should be subservient to men is not a good business practice...

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