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COALITIONCoalition 1 – All Risk No Reward Coalition | GOALGoal 1- To oppose the Keystone Pipeline Project and create awareness among the public about the negative impact that it can have on the environmentGoal2 – To persuade President Obama and Secretary Kerry to reject the proposal of the project | TACTICTactic 1 – Forming a unique blend of various state and national groups to strengthen the coalition Tactic 2- Creating awareness using paid media such as newspaper and television advertisementTactic3- Establishing a youth centered mobilization effort to boost the movement |
Coalition 2 – Multistate coalition of general attorneys | Goal 1 – To highlight the benefits that the ...view middle of the document...

| Tactic 1 – Initiating a national rally starting from Canada and extending all the way to Oklahoma for climate justice and expressing opposition to the keystone pipeline project. |
Coalition 4 – Tar Sands Blockade | Goal 1 – The core goal of these coalitions is to bring together the locals and various environmental groups to join force against the Keystone Pipeline Project. | Tactic 1 – Reaching out to the local public through attending church services and speaking in classroomsTactic 2 – Directing media attention towards the pipeline project’s negative impact on the environmentTactic 3 – Holding protests in front of the Whitehouse to persuade President Obama to reject the proposal. |

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