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MNGT360--Elina Ibrayeva
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Can you image how to live without all four limbs? You cannot eat with your hands, you cannot hug with your arms, you cannot jump with your legs, and you cannot walk with your feet! That is horrible! With the absence of all four limbs, it seems that you can do nothing except waiting to die. Actually, this awful thing is happened to a boy named Nick Vujicic, and if you think his life sucks then you are totally wrong! Nick was an Australian Christian evangelist who born with the absence of all four limbs. When Nick was born, the doctors who delivered him were shocked, the nurses were ...view middle of the document...

From our textbook, I learned that the positive psychology movement emerged from the concern and research of positive features of people. Psychologists like Martin Seligman tried to emphasis the optimistic part of psychology because at that time psychology had focused on the negative parts of human behavior. With the effort of these psychologists, the development of the positive psychology increased dramatic. According to the textbook, the aim of the positive psychology is “to use scientific methodology to discover and promote the factors that allow individuals, groups, organizations, and communities to thrive”. Optimism is an important compose of the positive psychology. The vigorous impact of optimism on psychological researches have revealed remarkable achievements. Like what mentioned above, the story of Nick Vujicic is a good example of the effects of optimism and positive psychology.
There are many advantages of optimism which can benefits us a lot. In the first place, optimism people can always have a good mood. It is easy to notice that optimistic people often smiling, and others may be infected by their smilings. Actually, I am that kind of person. I am an optimistic person who loves smiling! My friends often ake me why I can always be excited and happy, and they could be infected to have a good mood as well. Optimistic people can always be happy because they use a positive attitude to face events and situations. When bad thing happens, they feel promising rather than hopeless; when the thing goes worse, they know it will turns right finally; when the thing goes right, they know it happens sooner or later. As the old saying goes, “Everything will be ok in the end. If it’s not ok then it’s not yet the end.” That is really suitable.
In the second place, optimism is good for people’s health. Optimism always has a good feeling which is absolutely good for health. Think positive, live positive, it is good for health. There is an old story about a man who was told unlikely to survive because he had been diagnosed with cancer. After noticing that, the man cherished his life and started to do whatever things made him happy instead of being sad for his cancer. He quited his job and started to travel around the world, he ate delicious food and viewed beautiful sceneries, and he did regular exercise everyday. Later on, he came back to the hospital to do examines. Surprisingly, the...

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