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Optimism and Health Paper

The word “optimism” is a favorable type of attitude about events and/or conditions in life. Some people believe that having an optimistic view of life situations results in positive outcomes. Where this is true in a way, there can still be negative outcomes as well. Optimism can be positive as long as it is not excessive or negative. Excessive optimism can have a harmful effect on the mind and body. There has been many tests done on people to find out the results of the effect of optimism physically and psychologically.
According to the article that I researched about the effects of optimism on the body and mind suggested that most people whom have ...view middle of the document...

I know that when I become more pessimistic then optimistic I tend to make more unhealthy choices then when I am optimistic. I do feel that optimism does have an impact on physical and mental health and can be either positive or negative, in my opinion.
In psychological health, optimism does play it’s role. In this article that I researched about the effects of optimism on psychological health it discusses how optimistic people face difficulties and obstacles more effectively then pessimists. Therefore, according to the article optimists benefit more psychologically. According to the article about optimism and women who have breast cancer, optimism plays a very big part in the woman’s well-being. Optimism tends to lower the level of distress for breast cancer paitents and can actually help the paitient to feel more attractive than one would think someone would feel (Carver, Wimberley, & Antoni, 2008). Another thing that is psychologically rewarding about being optimistic is interpersonal relationships. There are studies that actually show that people who are optimistic have better social support and interpersonal relationships. This helps them to become more optimistic about the illness they are facing because they feel they have a strong support group to keep going and get through it. Women who were more optimistic about the breast cancer education had shown that they tend to have better well-being. Although, optimism may...

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