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Opinion Piece: "Should The Obligation For Women In Iran To Wear A Hijab In Public Be Abandonned?"

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THESIS: “Should the obligation for women in Iran to wear a hijab in public be abandonned?”
At present women in Iran are forced to cover themselves up whenever they leave their private zone, but that is truly a restriction to their freedom. Therefore I have asked myself if it should be optional for women in Iran to choose for themselves whether and how much they want to cover their bodies and faces in public. In the following I am going to state my opinion on that:
The hijab discussion in Iran is very closely linked to some other delicate issues that the Iranian people have to deal with for some decades now. Mainly the lack of keeping human rights and other basic political and/or ...view middle of the document...

Her comment to that was “I bet a lot of my Iranian fellow mates experienced the sweet pleasure of a stealthy freedom from time to time” implicating that although being oppressed, Iranian women still find a way to silently and passively protest (as active protest would be dangerous). This started a wave of attention and ever since Iranian women send their pictures of stealthy freedom to her which then get publiched on her website.
From that I can conclude that most of the women do not feel the need of hijabs and rather feel discriminated. Ultimately hijab obligation needs to be abandonned!
I could imagine that many clerics and officials of Iranian government are afraid to allow women to ease this obligation, as they fear women might interpret the new gained freedom exaggeratedly - based on the saying “give them an inch, and they will take an ell”. But I don´t think so. In fact, I think these criticers should put a lot more dignity, self-respect and appropriateness past Iranian women.
So there we have already some crucial arguments which confirm my thesis.
Another reason why I feel the hijab...

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