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Operations Management Essay

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Hotel Rwanda
“No rescue, no intervention, no help from others. We can only save ourselves.” You will never imagine that racialism can bring a war that you cannot predict unless you have the experienced before. You cannot expect that how terrible a war that affect to all of us. We can make the world peace by respect to each other. This is a film that let you know how a war can happen and effect to all of us because of racialism.
‘Hotel Rwanda’ is a historical drama film directed by Terry George. ‘Hotel Rwanda’ was released in United States on December 22, 2004 and in wide published on February 4, 2005. The rating for this film was about 4 stars. ‘Hotel Rwanda’ explores genocide, political corruption, and the repercussions of violence.
‘Hotel Rwanda’ is about the tensions ...view middle of the document...

The United Nations Peacekeeping force, led by Colonel Oliver (Nick Nolte), he see what is happening, informs his superior, asks for help and intervention, and being ignored. He distraught over the withdrawal of his troops, tells Paul to look at himself from a Western perspective to try and understand why the international community has abandoned them.
I liked this movie because of the deep emotions and I was moved by this movie. The news from Rwanda have had more effect on us if it had been taking place in a state in the USA. I think the strongest actor is Nick Nolte, Colonel Oliver because of his acting. I have no recommend another actor for this movie because all the actors are professional and devote to work. The dialogue is not cheesy and is a familiar script. I have not seen this type of movie before. The part of the movie when the heads of UN Peacekeeping withdraw of his troops, Paul have to find a way to ensure all the lives in the hotel are safe and not be threaten. This part makes this story unique and the way he safe the lives is a great idea. This movie doesn’t rely on camera or computer effects and it is effective. The movie will be better if with more special effects. This movie have no big name actors and the film look simple but professional. The actors in this movie didn’t get paid millions of dollars for this role. The clothing was fit the style of the movie and the music was not special to the movie, I don’t like the music. The setting is important to the story.
I think adult will like this movie but not kids. I liked this movie and I would pay to see this film in the theatre because I have learned many moral through this movie and it is really happen in our real life. I award it with 4 stars and highly recommend others to watch this movie because it is a true tale of a person trying to give hope to others when all seems lose.

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