Operations And Supply Chain Management Essay

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Chapter 01
Operations and Supply Chain Management

Learning Objectives for Chapter 1

1. Understand why it is important to study operations and supply chain management.
2. Define efficient and effective operations.
3. Categorize operations and supply chain processes.
4. Contrast differences between services and goods producing processes.
5. Identify operations and supply chain management career opportunities.
6. Describe how the field has developed over time.

True / False Questions

1. Efficiency means doing the right things to create the most value for the company. 
True    False


2. Effectiveness means doing the right things to create the ...view middle of the document...

True    False


12. "Concept-to-cash" refers to the idea of generating revenue from licensing of patent rights or other intellectual property. 
True    False


13. OSM is concerned with management of the trickiest parts of the system that produces a good or delivers a service. 
True    False


14. OSM is a functional field of business with clear line management responsibilities. 
True    False


15. The supply network as can be thought of as a pipeline through which cash, material and information flows. 
True    False


16. Supply networks can not be constructed for every product or service. 
True    False


17. "Operations" refers to manufacturing and service processes used to transform resources employed by a firm into products desired by customers. 
True    False


18. "Supply" refers to supply chain processes that move information and material to and from the manufacturing and service processes of the firm. 
True    False


19. "Supply" includes inbound freight and inventory only. 
True    False


20. It is critical that a sustainable strategy meet the needs of shareholders and employees. It is also highly desirable that it preserves the environment. 
True    False


21. Supply and demand planning is needed to coordinate the manufacturing, service, and supply chain processes. 
True    False


22. Supply and demand planning involves forecasting demand, making intermediate term plans for how demand will be met, controlling different types of inventory, but not the detailed weekly scheduling of processes. 
True    False


23. All managers should understand the basic principles that guide the design of transformation processes. 
True    False


24. OSM changes constantly because of the dynamic nature of competing in global business and the constant evolution of information technology. 
True    False


25. Internet technology has made the sharing of reliable real-time information expensive. 
True    False


26. Use of systems like point-of-sale, radio-frequency identification tags, bar-code scanners, and automatic recognition has made it more difficult to understand what all the information is saying. 
True    False


27. Operations and supply processes can be conveniently categorized as planning, sourcing, making, and delivering. 
True    False


28. A major aspect of planning involves developing a set of metrics to monitor the supply chain. 
True    False


29. Returning involves processes for receiving worn-out, defective, and excess products back from customers but does not involve support for customers who have problems with the product. 
True    False


30. Delivering is not considered in supply chain analysis when outside carriers are contracted to move products to customers. 
True    False


31. Services are intangible processes that cannot be weighed or measured. 
True    False


32. Service...

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