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Operating Systems Comparison Outline

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Operating Systems Comparison Outline
Albert Lara
January 29, 2016
Ongart (Peng) Ratchaworapong

Albert Lara
Operating Systems Comparison Outline
I. Introduction
MAC OS X is the operating system that is currently being utilized by every MAC being sold. According to “Apple” (2016), “Built on a rock-solid Unix foundation, it’s engineered to take full advantage of what the hardware is capable of”. One of the more popular choices due to its commercial success, MAC OS is a very user-friendly operating system that allows you to work throughout numerous MAS OS devices.
II. Memory Management
a. Divides random access memory into two sections
1. Differs from Windows and Linux
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FileVault 2
1. Encrypts hard drive or any removable drive
2. XTS-AES 128 bit encryption
VI. Conclusion
MAC OS, like any of the other OS’, has its advantages and disadvantages depending on the user. In order to select an OS that works for you, you have to know what it is you need and what you are going to use it for. MAC OS is known for being a simple and user-friendly operating systems that can be used for multiple functions.

APPLE. (2016). Retrieved from

Linux outline
By, Steven Moss

I. Introduction
A. Background
B. Basic Linux Concepts
II. File Names and Command Names
A. Directories
B. Copying Files
C. Moving Files
D. Looking at Files; Deleting Files
III. Basic Linux/UNIX Commands
A. Different Types
IV. File System
V. Conclusion

James Hypolite

Operating System Comparison Outline
Microsoft windows was founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in 1975. Microsoft has developed into two groups, MS-DOS (Microsoft Disk Operating System) and Windows, which is the brand name of the operating system. Microsoft windows is the feature operating system on most desk top servers and some laptop servers. It is friendly...

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