Operating Systems Essay

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LDW -Unit 1 Review Exercise
8 points each

1. Explain the difference between operating system software, application software, and utility software.

• Operating system software is the programs that act as the central control program it is the gap between the system and the user. It acts as an intermediary between the applications and the hardware. Examples…..are task management, job management, memory management, and file management. It is the basis foundation for both utility and applications to run.
• Application software includes database programs, word processors and spreadsheets. It a system that is unable to run without the operating system and system utilities. ...view middle of the document...

2 points each answer

7. Name three (3) other Windows file systems besides FAT12.
1. FAT32
2. NTFS5
3. FAT16

8. What are the 3 major architectural components of Windows?
1. File System
2. Registry
3. Virtual Memory

4 points each

9. What is considered the first usable version of Windows?

Windows 3.1

10. What was the first business version of Windows?

Windows NT

11. Which version of Windows joined together the consumer and business product lines?

Windows XP

12. What is the name of the version of Windows that was released in 2007?

Windows Vista

13. What is the most current version of Windows Client Operating System?

It was Windows 7 but a week ago they came out with Windows 8.

2 points each answer

14. For the following software programs, determine whether they are examples of operating system software, application software, or utility software.

| |Type of Software: |
| |operating system software, |
| ...

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