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Open And Closed Sources Essay

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Stephen Sylvester
Roles of Public License
John Demory
June 1st 2014

Today, in this paper on GNU I will be talking to you about what a GNU general public license is. I will then go over the exact role that it plays in the world today. Let us first go cover what exactly is a GNU general public license.
The GNU general public license in terms is a free copy left, license for software and other software related works. When software and any other computer-based applications are published and or designed the creator establishes copyright protection and licenses are put into place. This is to protect and ensure the software’s integrity. It is also meant to take away the users ...view middle of the document...

This can be achieved by giving them the source code. You must also show the users the terms and conditions of your software, so they know their rights to the free software. If you are just a user of any specific free software you are not required to have or accept GNU license in order to run the program.
Another example of this would be when MySpace came out. Then, a few years later with just a few enhancements Facebook came along and dominated the social media space. Even though Facebook was similar to MySpace because both software applications are free, one could say that you could just copy the idea or concept. Anyone could have done it and created a multi billion dollar company. With just a few adjustments such as, the type of user groups they focus on, sign up features that are quite similar, and the designs within the system. Facebook has created upon what MySpace first thought of. I compare this to the designing of cars. Just because two car companies have the same type of car (i.e....

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