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Internet has made a massive explosion in the present world. In every sphere of life internet is being used. The world is going online through different services and communication. In the online world two vital factors are social networking and Virtual learning environment. Below those are described.

Social Networking

Hewson, et al., [1] asserts that social networking may be considered as an internet based social platform which allows people to make connection and communication with each other and to share their views and contents. In the present world social networking is very crucial to keep pace with the fast moving world. Social networking help to sustain contacts and networks ...view middle of the document...

The most useful feature of Facebook is that it allows to make friends. A user can send friend request to another existing user. If he accepts the request both of them have access to each other’s profile, shared content and they can comment and put like. Friends online can chat as well. Video chat is also offered if users have webcam available.

Roos [2] says Facebook also gives the privilege to create page for the users. Users can create pages for particular purpose. For instance, a photographer can make a page with is his photographs, artists with arts, entrepreneurs or businessman may create a page with their products, musicians can upload music, poets can put their poems and so on. Main purpose of creating pages is to share, promote and receive feedback regarding their contents. These pages come up with a particular title and users need to like the page to see the contents briefly.

Group page is another important facility. User can create a group page and invite friends to become a member. Friends can also request to become a member. In a group page members can share their ideas and opinions about the associated objectives. Group pages may be created for many purposes as in education, projects, presentation, entertainment etc.

Facebook is a massive database which consists of enormous information of its users. This is an era of information therefore Facebook deliver many benefits as a source of information.

Having contacts and network is a must now a days. Facebook allows to make new friends, stay in touch with existing friends and share views. Thus a user can maintain his social network.

People from far distant can still remain in group through group page and discuss about their concerns or topics.

At present every company or industry has a social page showing their products or services. They advertise their products and receive feedback hence making interaction with people. Individuals also make pages with their specialties for example photography, poetry, arts, music or to entertain people with funny and informative videos etc. News pages are also playing a vital role. There are so many pages available to help users to find the right choice.

Facebook is useful in terms of education as well. Students can find information about universities or colleges from their pages. Students can communicate with them as well. Through group pages they can remain in contact with classmates and teachers.

Security is the key in social networking. Facebook users have the ability to give privacy to their content. They can delete, edit the contents and limit the viewers. No one can access contents without permission.

Where there are advantages there are some possibilities of disadvantages as well. Facebook is not different. People specially the youth may be addicted and spend a lot of time. Sometimes it separates from real life to virtual life. Which is great matter of concern.

Facebook accounts can be hacked and personal...

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