Online Vs Traditional School Essay

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Online Education Pros and Cons

Keith Washington

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November 7, 2013

Mary Ellen Greenwood

Online schools, as well as traditional schools have many advantages and disadvantages. Some may find that online schooling is for them, and some may find that a traditional school is the type of learning environment to help best achieve receiving a degree. Students can earn the same valuable degree from an online school as a traditional college or university. It depends on if the students are comfortable with a structured outline and the level of commitment it will take to complete online courses. Online students must also have good study habits as ...view middle of the document...

The growing number of online campuses attended each year is increasing every semester. The reason is, people generally do not have the free time to go to a traditional school. More people are pursuing an online degree, especially now that people are out of work and cannot make it back and forth to campus. Students that want to attend a online college can now take advantage of all the different degree programs ranging from an associate’s degree, get a certificate,,or a bachelor's degree, maybe even a masters degree. The fact of the matter is that, online degree programs are available at most community colleges some students even have online classes with the classes while going to a traditional school, Maybe there is a little time for students to go to a traditional campus, but it is limited. This is important for a student with a full work schedule and taking care of a family. So to balance out the rest Students will attend a online class as well. Some Students that attend a traditional “campus-based” college often take notes while the teacher lectures to remember the lesson that is being taught. For those without transportation, this would be problematic. Online campuses have all the course material including written lectures. These materials can be easily accessed by anyone regardless of their transportation status. These materials are accessed via a student portal.

Most of us have a personal computer, whether or not it is a personal computer, laptop, or a tablet. Some students might not have access to a computer that is equipped with the latest technology or requirements that is needed to attend an online school. Students who start do not usually have all the computer requirements, software issues you can get around that. With programs like Open office which is basically Microsoft Office. There are some hardware factors like video cards, ram, and amount of hard drive space that is required by the school. these are some factors students cannot get around, unless the student chooses to buy it. Students who want to attend a online school will always have the extra expense to have Internet at home or even a portable hotspot for times the student is not at home and generally would not have internet access for a...

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