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Online Education Essay

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Kimberly A. Mitchell- 0522814
Professor Valerie Hockert, PhD
2013-04-ENC-102-OL010: English Composition II: WA1
April 6, 2013
Essay #1
Online learning is increasing in popularity. Adults as well as K-12 students are utilizing online courses to complete their education. With anything in life, there are pros and cons to consider especially when it comes to replacing traditional education with an online education. In the future, changes could be implemented to create a structure for all institutions to follow for a greater increase in online educational course offerings.
In 1989, the University of Phoenix opened its virtual doors to what is called “distance learning”. This for-profit ...view middle of the document...

However, even with its challenges, online education is starting to be taken seriously by highly regarded institutions. “We're at the beginning of elite schools starting to take online seriously," says Richard Garrett, managing director at research firm Eduventures. "They're trying to marry the online experience with the brand of the institution". (Burnsed, 1) Non-profit institutions have been the forerunner in offering affordable courses but for-profit institutions are starting to consider offering online courses as well. These institutions are noticing the value in offering online courses and learning from past successes and failures. As schools start to embrace online education, entry level courses that might be taught in large lecture halls with little or no individual interaction could be replaced with online courses. (Burnsed, 1) Rushcoff argues that instructors should not use computers to replace teaching methods. Human interaction is the best way to teach students. “Online learning needs to cater to human users” and “ education doesn't happen in isolation”. (1) These examples boast the argument as to whether or not online courses should emulate a traditional course.
As online education grows in popularity, changes could be implemented to create a structure for all institutions to follow. Currently, there are no standardized training methods for professionals to teach online. “That need could be met by an association of online schools introducing a pedagogy or could be regulated by an accrediting body, says the Sloan Survey's Allen”. (Burnsed, 1) Burnsed debates whether or not some type of regulations be demanded on...

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