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Online Courses Essay

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Synthesis of “Distance Education in High Schools”
Parbudyal Singh & William Pan
“Online Education: Lessons for Administrators and Instructors”
Davison M. Mupinga
Distance and online education are increasingly common methods to study allow students to independently studies. This gives those students much greater freedom in their choices; in comparison to traditional courses and schools. Mupinga (2005) explains distance education as teaching when students and instructors are not actually together. Despite continuing and major growth at the areas of distance education, these types of new learning approaches are controversy. Mupinga and the team ...view middle of the document...

Pan and Singh also discussed these ideas of being convenient and accessible. This is because students may have much better schedules, and they do not need to concern about geographical distance. Both also seem agree that email allow interaction of better speed then regular classrooms because as Pan & Singh found email allows students who may be less social to express themselves and have deeper relations between themselves and instructors. Another concern shared by the authors was problem of instructors’ workloads. There is also the problem of computer and internet knowledge. This problem of technology gap is important as there are many teachers who may not have internet access or understand computers.
Despite the many similarities in their arguments and approaches, the two papers had fundamental differences in their areas of focus. Mupinga wrote only on the effects of distance education on high school level. In contrast, Pan & Singh were concerned with college and university levels. Another difference was that Pan & Singh discussed a critical issue that students may use technology software copy or cheat when...

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