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Course Management System

Course Management System
1. Introduction 1
1.1 Purpose 1
1.2 Scope 1
1.3 Definitions and abbreviations 1
1.4 References 1
1.5 Overview 1
2. Overall Description 2
2.1 Product Perspective 2
2.2 Product Functions 2
2.3 User Characteristics 4
2.4 Constraints 4
2.5 Assumptions and Dependencies 4
3. Specific Requirements 4
3.1 External Interface Requirement 4
3.1.1 User Interfaces 4
3.1.2 Hardware Interfaces 4
3.1.3 Software Interfaces 4
3.1.4 Communication Interfaces 4
3.2 Functional Requirements 5
3.2.1 Creating Courses 5
3.2.2 Grade Management 5
3.2.3 Homework Submissions 5
3.2.4 ...view middle of the document...

2.5 Overview
The next chapter, the Overall Description section, of this document gives an overview of the functionality of the product. It describes the informal requirements and is used to establish a context for the technical requirements specification in the next chapter.

The third chapter, Requirements Specification section, of this document is written primarily for the developers and describes in technical terms the details of the functionality of the product.

Both sections of the document describe the same software product in its entirety, but are intended for different audiences and thus use different language.
2. Overall Description
3.6 Product Perspective
The system will be operate within university environment. This environment has anther systems that will interact with this system so we need interfaces between this systems .

Student information system

Registration system
Course management system

Database system

Academic information system

3.7 Product Functions
3.8.1 The system shall be able to Create Courses.
Download course

Update course

3.8.2 The system shall be able to automatically create accounts for students and instructors.

3.8.3 The system shall be capable of Managing Student Grades.

Access grades
Modify grades
Evaluating Student’s and group’s Homework Submissions Online.

Evaluating Student’s and group’s Homework Submissions Online.

3.8.4 The system shall be capable of automatically accepting Homework Submissions.
Upload solution of homework submission

3.8.5 Access group
Drop out from group
Switch group
Create group
The system shall support Group Management features especially important for courses with group projects, this is especially important for large classes.

3.8.6 The system should provide Online Quizzes.
Answer online quizzes

Upload the quizzes
Upload answer key

2.3 user Characteristics
The student expected to be Internet literate Once he/she can log in the system and navigate between WebPages he/she can use basic functionality of the system.

Instructor expected to be internet literate and t be able use more complex functionality of the system.

3.8 Constraints
3.9.7 The system must run in windows operating system environment.

3.9.8 The system shall use oracle8i database for all data management tasks.

3.9.9 The system shall work based on XYZ-standard to keep copyright.

3.9 Assumptions and Dependencies

3. Specific Requirements
4.10 External Interface Requirement
4.11.10 User Interfaces
It must interfaces icons or wizard

4.11.11 Hardware Interfaces
Its must be pc computer to link to course management system


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