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One Up Essay

1492 words - 6 pages

Melissa Jinks
Frist Year Writing II: ENGL 1304
5 November 2013

One Up
“Proposal Argument for the MPAA rating system”
A student and a teacher make out on school premises. A young man sings, “I make love with a woman on the bathroom floor.” A character says suggests to another that she, “shove it up her harry little-.” Two teens passionately make out in a bed while a mother walks in and offers condoms. A teenage girl is hit by a bus. PG-13 ("Mean Girls [2004] [PG-13] - 5.4.4."). These few scenes from the 2004 film, Mean Girls, depict the limits that are pushed in the content of a PG-13 rating. Why are filmmakers so limited when it comes to language and violence in PG-13 films? Why can’t ...view middle of the document...

Part of this reason is because of some of the violence is considered disturbing to audiences ("Movie Reviews - Kids Movies | Common Sense Media."). Other films such as Bully had to make adjustments in order to receive a PG-13 rating. Although the film is directed towards an audience in the PG-13 area, the filmmakers had to remove three F-bombs in order to drop the R rating (Effron). In a way, the restriction of violence and language on these films portray a less effective meaning that the movie is trying to get across. Violence that does not illustrate the true consequences of what may happen if for example, someone is stabbed, can appear to younger audiences as less of an issue than it really is. In the case of profanity, if the F-bomb is dropped once, then it should not matter if it is heard again. It could be considered offensive to children who are not mature enough to handle more violence or language, so the challenge for the MPAA is to establish a more accurate depiction of an age that is mature enough to handle this content that way the restrictions are more reasonable.
Without a doubt, today’s youth is exposed to more mature content compared to thirty years ago. With this becoming the norm, there are many teens that can handle such content while others are still in need of parental guidance. People lack to see that there is a major difference between maturity levels of thirteen and fourteen-year-olds. Fourteen-year-olds are typically eighth-graders going into high school. By this age, puberty is old news. They begin to experience more freedom and gain and a better sense of self-confidence (“14-Year-Old”). Development of maturity is obvious. At thirteen-years-old, kids are sensitive and go through many changes physically and mentally (Witmer). With thirteen-year-olds being so close to high school there are many changes going on in their lives. They cannot handle the same mature content that perhaps a fourteen-year-old is exposed to.
High school also has an impact on the development of a teen. A clear fact is that fourteen-year-olds cannot avoid what will be exposed to them in high school. So whether they are in a discussion at the lunch table about mature topics or if it is revealed to them through a movie, it doesn’t matter because they will see or hear about it eventually. It is no longer a surprise to them and they are learning how to behave about it in a mature way. As they grow, they understand the consequences of participating in inappropriate behaviors. It is their choice to take the risk because they understand the results.
Some parents are more lenient about what is presented to their kids. It doesn’t bother them that their kids are watching movies out there that could contain content a little too inappropriate for them because they have to learn about it eventually. If that is the case, then the parents should have no problem being there while they watch a higher-rated movie or, hypothetically speaking, if they sat in on...

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