One Day To Live Between Two Continents

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April 17, 2016
One Day to Live Between Two Continents
Have you ever traveled to different places that are far away from your homeland? There are many reasons why you should leave your home for a short or long period of time. It can be a trip to local areas or foreign countries. Everyone has particular emotional feelings when they experience their first times to go and live abroad. These experiences affect people’s lives positively. I am definitely not an exception because I also experienced the boundary day that shaped me into a different person when it was the first times for me to fly to and live in America.
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When I pushed gently my back my seat, I could feel the speed of the airplane accelerated to over 100 miles an hour. Then, I saw the front of the plane rising up; the reason why this effect was noticeable because I was sitting in the rear part of plane. I could see the ground moving away from me through an oval window; also, this feeling was confusing to me as if the ground had refused the airplane’s landing. When the plane lifted in the air, I felt slightly different when pushing against my seat since I was not only accelerating forward but also upward.
View from the airplane was incredibly eye-catching far away from my imagination. The airplane seemed to be floating slowly on ribbons of white silk clouds splashing the endless clusters of sparkling yellow tiny sand. Sometimes, hanging on the immense blue sky was soft curtain clouds allowing airplane to go through creating a bumpy shake. The airplane flew over many variably different areas; some were familiar like plain delta, and some were strange mountains bending their body like hissing snakes. The picture from the earth from far distance also was painted by blue oceans to the white sand...

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