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On Translation Of English Names From Cultural Perspective

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On Translation of English Names from Cultural Perspective


Chinese transliteration of people's English names not only concerns the accuracy of sound between the source and target languages,but also has much to do with the cultural specificity and the characteristics of the respective languages .Name is the most common language Phenomenon which exists in our society. As the communication between the countries all around the word become more and more closely, this paper have being paid more and more attentions to the translation of the names. In this paper, there is a study on the Cultural connotation and characteristics of English names and Chinese name, and then there is ...view middle of the document...

Common principle
3. Simplify principle
4. Other principle
Ⅳ. The specific problems of English names translation
A. The women’s name translation
B. The title translation
C. The correct use of punctuation
D. The use of their Chinese name
Ⅴ. The ways of translating English Names
A. Transliteration
1. Given name transliteration
2. The whole name transliteration
3. Abbreviation transliteration
4. Some other problems
B. Annotated Transliteration
C. Paraphrase
D. Law of Convention
E. Their own Chinese name translation
Ⅵ. Conclusion

Statement of Originality

I hereby declare that this thesis is my own work and has not been submitted in any form for another degree at any university or other institute of tertiary education. Information derived from the published and unpublished work of others has been acknowledged in the text and a list of references is given in the bibliography.

September 20th, 2014

On Translation of English Names from Cultural Perspective

Ⅰ. Introduction

For a long time, for the translation of names, the views on some scholars said: “a person's name or the name of an object is independent off the language, no meaning and connotation.They are untranslatable”.According to this theory, the best names translation methods should be the simplest transliteration methods. In general situations, especially during our daily communication with language, the translation of the foreigners’ name were treated with transliteration methods directly, even if the name of this person has another meaning. Such as Bill Gates (比尔.盖茨), George Bush(乔治.布什), etc.,This paper don’t translate them as (比尔.大门)or (乔治.灌木).
As simple as transliteration method itself, however, due to the change of era, the development of social language and the increase of Chinese and foreign cultural exchanges are also experiencing the change from domestication transliteration to alienation. Through observation of the recently popular literature translation, this paper can find that using the combination of transliteration and free translation methods to translate names began to become increasingly popular. Names,as an important component of social language, are also some kind of cultural carrier.They have the deep formation of long history and rich cultural connotation, and they also embody a concentrated reflection of national cultural characteristics. They have large capacity, a lot of etymologies, allusions.Their culture variation are numerous and complicated, and they imply different ethnic history, language, psychology, religion, custom, moral, ethical and other aspects of the information. Such as the name “Alexander”, this name is named after Alexander who is the ancient Greece king of Macedonia. While David’s allusion comes from the story of the bible: the king of Jew-David. Another example such as Helen (海伦), Angle (安吉尔), Pandora (潘多拉) and so on.All of them reflect the social and cultural connotation...

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