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It is important to know how to clean up oil spills because these oil spills killed hundreds of organisms that lived in the ocean, and if we have another devastating oil spill we’ll know how to clean it up better and faster, so that way animals that live in the ocean won’t die, like the ones that have in the past. So knowing how to clean up after an oil spill is important because if we didn’t then the animals in the sea would die, when they die there won’t be any sea food and the sea food that was there would be filled with oil, dirt, and slime. Who would want to eat food that has oil dirt and slime on it? In the past few centuries, there has been devastating oil spills, like the Exxon Valdez ...view middle of the document...

The rig sank 2 days later into the Gulf of Mexico, unleashing a gush of oil that continued to leak at an alarming rate. Also, in January 1991, Iraq forces released 240 million gallons of crude oil into the Persian Gulf to spoil an amphibious landing by the U.S. Marines. The resulting oil slick ravaged the area’s marine ecosystem, killing thousands of seabirds and endangering other wildlife animals.

The basic information on this project is get four pans filled with water and oil, get the four materials (cotton pads, wool, hair, wood chips) and dip them in water to see which material soaks up the oil better and faster.
The results of this project show that….

If cotton is the best material, out of all the other materials, which holds oil then cotton held the most oil and should be used to clean up oil spills.

1. Pour water into the baking dishes so they’re about 1/2 full.
2. Shape the pieces of foil into a small canoe or boat, roughly the size of your thumb.
3. Fill your canoe with the cooking oil and place it on top of the water in the baking dishes.
4. When you want to create your "oil spill", tip the canoes over.
5. Wait a few minutes as the oil contaminates the water and begins to spread.
6. Use your cotton pads, wool, hair, and wood shavings to soak up the oil by placing the materials over the contaminated areas.

* Four pieces of aluminum foil – Reynolds wrap
* Vegetable oil – Crisco
* 4 deep baking dishes
* Water – Tap oil
* Package of cotton pads
* Wool
* Hair
* Wood clippings

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