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Mental Model/Mindsets Paper
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April 7, 2014
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Mental Model/Mindsets Paper
Reality representations that people use to understand and identify the particular phenomenon are known as mental models. Mental models represent assumptions that are deeply ingrained and they influence how people take action and how they understand the world. Mental models are developed over time through experience, socialization and interaction with others. They are opinions, beliefs, perceptions, assumptions, values and truths. Mental models are often hidden and one is not aware of them or their effect on one’s behavior. When mental models are created they become reinforced in ...view middle of the document...

In this step one can develop portfolios of models that are integrated and also generate new models. The third step of changing the mind-set is by overcoming barriers to change through reshaping the infrastructure and people’s thinking. The last step entails transforming one’s life by quickly acting upon the new models through experimenting continuously and applying methods for strengthening and assessing one’s models. These four steps, when well utilized by Vernon and Bud, will lead them to joining the team. First, Vernon and Bud have to be aware of their mindsets that are holding them back and then they can test them against the changes the organization has presented. Through reshaping their way of thinking, they can overcome the inhibitors of change that are within them. Once they have changed their way of thinking and seeing the world, they can immediately act upon their new mindsets on how they view change (Rowe, 2004).
Forces That Change Mental Model/Mindsets
The mindsets of Vernon and Bud are influenced by certain forces and they affect how they act and behave. These forces include past experiences, environmental, education, hereditary and genetics. The experiences of people create certain mindsets in them and, therefore, making them act in particular ways if similar experiences occur again. Wind et al. (2005) environment and level of education of an individual also influence the mental model of a person. In this particular case, Vernon and Bud’s experiences in the business when a change was introduced may have affected their mindsets thus the reluctance to adopt the changes being introduced. Bud in his defense against the development, says that the company is not strong enough to compete with others in a related field. The environment is the force influencing this thought, therefore, making his mindset view other companies as strong. Vernon and Bud say that if the companies were to trade in nonperishable foods, it would ruin a long history of mutually respecting each other’s customers and routes that they have had with the other companies. This environmental force influences their mindsets to give such opinions and to act this way. In addition, the two coworkers may be lacking education in terms of information on adopting new mental models to help handle the always changing business landscape. If Vernon and Bud are not well equipped with information on adopting new mindsets, they tend to stick to their old mental models resulting to such decisions and actions. These mental model forces greatly determine the result of actions taken and decisions made by workers in an organization (Von Stamm, 2008).
Examples of What Mental Model/Mindsets That Are Affecting Decision-Making Processes
There are certain mental models that Vernon and Bud have, that affected their decision making processes and their relationship with the business. Their mental models include perceptions,...

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