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Officers Essay

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What are the job functions of a parole officer? A parole officer monitiors the offender to ensure that he is following each condition of release. They may also perform random drug testing, monitor employment history and performance, meet weekly or bimonthly with the offender and his family, and present evidence to the judge in the event a condition is broken.
What are the pros and cons of the position? The pros are income, foot in ...view middle of the document...

What are their recommendations for entering that field? Prospective parole officers normally receive a high school diploma or G.E.D as the first step toward their career objectives, most government agencies require parole officers to have a bachelor’s degree.

Are you interested in this career? Why or why not? Yes I am interested in this career because I want to be a probation or a parole officer one day and that’s why I’m taking criminal justice class. I want to put the bad guys behind bars, so they can learn their lessons and you got some that follow the rules and we got some that don’t but we all got somewhere they will follower the rules at and that is prison or jail. Some probation officers try to look out for some of these hard head boys and girls but they don’t believe nothing until they behind them bars and then they crying like babies… that’s why I teach my kids hardhead leave a soft you know what and I teach my kids never to lie, I don’t care if you in the wrong or not always tell the truth you make it far in life and always respect your elders and never walk with your head down. Probation and parole officers is something that I would do for the time being, because a lot of people and family get hurt behind them.

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