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Office Administration 2012
Exemplars from candidates’ responses to Paper 02 Question 4 4. (a) (i) State two advantages of the open plan office. (2 marks) (ii) State two disadvantages of the cellular office. (2 marks) (b) State three functions of the office when carrying out business activities. (3 marks) (c) You are a receptionist of a large organization in Bridgetown, Barbados. Management has employed a junior clerk to help you with your duties. Write a memorandum to the junior clerk indicating four main rules she should follow when answering the company’s telephone. (8 marks) Responses to Paper 02 - Question 4 in the May/June Sitting 2012

Quality of Response

Strategies Used

Effective Use of Strategies

Suggestions for Improvement


The quality of response to this question was excellent. The candidate scored 15 marks - the ...view middle of the document...

(a) Identify three functions of the Marketing Office. (3 marks) (b) State three reasons why a clerk in the Sales and Marketing Department should maintain a mailing list. (3 marks) (c) (i) Explain the difference between a ‘trade discount’ and a ‘cash discount’. (2 marks) (ii) Mr. Charles Brown has sent the Sales Department at Pristine Attire an order for 25 shirts. The price list shows a unit price of $50.00. Customers who order at least 20 shirts receive a 20% trade discount. In addition, sales are subject to a 5% cash discount with a further 15% special discount allowed to customers who settle their accounts within 14 days. Mr. Brown has no prior credits or debits in hand. Calculate the amount Mr. Brown will pay if he takes advantage of all the discounts. Show all working. (7 marks) Responses to Paper 02 - Question 7 in the May/June Sitting 2012

Quality of Response

Strategies Used

Effective Use of Strategies

Suggestions for Improvement


The quality of response to this question was excellent. The candidate scored 15 marks - the maximum marks allotted

Clear functions, specific to the marketing office were presented. Candidate displayed a clear understanding of the reasons a clerk in the Marketing Department should maintain a mailing list. A clear difference was presented between a trade discount and a cash discount. Accurate calculations of the various discounts were done with all working shown

- Accurate and clear responses identified and outlined for the functions of the Marketing Office. - Reasons the clerk in the Sales and Marketing Department should maintain a mailing list were appropriately stated - Good explanation given for a trade and cash discounts

None in this case

Candidate noted the specific requirements of the question and responded appropriately to each part of the question, thus was awarded full marks

- Accurate calculations and working shown for the various discounts




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