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Oedipus Essay

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Day Two Journal Assignment
Examples of Oedipus and Jocasta dismissing the prophecy:
Jocasta: “Now, you remember the story: Laios was killed by marauding strangers where three highways meet; But his child had not been three days in this world before the King had pierced the baby’s ankles and left him to die on a lonely mountainside. Thus, Apollo never caused that child to kill his father, and it was not Laios’s fate to die at the hands of his son, as he had feared. This is what prophets and prophecies are worth! Have no dread of them.” “No. From now on, where oracles are concerned I would not waste a second thought on any.”
Oedipus: “Why, “marauders”, you said, Killed the King, according to this man’s story. If he maintains that still, if there ...view middle of the document...

It portrays actions uncontrolled and unmanipulated by no one else except for one person. I feel that-in a way- these two words are somewhat related to one another due to the fact how a certain individual’s actions of free will, will eventually consequent to their fate.
Can you think of instances in our present society or recent history where a leader’s personal behavior has affected his/her city, state, or country? Or is this a little too simplistic? Do the “private lives” of leaders have anything to do with their ability to lead?
Yes, currently there are many instances in our present society where a leader’s personal behavior has attracted a substantial amount of attention; an example of this would be politics. Just over the recent summer, Donald Trump (a running candidate for the President of the United States for the 2016 presidential election) had accused John McCain (a senior United States senator) of “not being a war hero” despite McCain’s efforts and having endured being kept in captivity during the Vietnam War. This of course, sparked tensions for many and were even offended at such a comment, especially since McCain served in the United States Navy in his past years.
Yes, I do believe that the private lives of leaders correlates to their ability to lead because the way they present themselves outside of their leadership, are primary examples of what type of a leader we should expect them to be. For example, if a certain leader seems to have a habit of being disorganized or unsystematic, we can expect the leader to be somewhat clumsy or chaotic to be around. Thus, most leaders that are chosen to lead a society often are efficient, intelligent, and dependable.

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