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Od Papers

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For your individual written work this week, consider what you have learned about how OD and planned change are different from other forms of organization change and imagine you are presenting a paper on OD to a group of MBA students.
* Compare OD and planned change to other forms of organization change, illustrating the differences.
* There are many definitions that have been given to describe the process none of which are likely to be understood in the context of this paper. Instead it is preferred to give the attributes that constitute the various definitions so that the entire concept is deconstructed and understood in context. But OD may simply be described as a methodology or technique used to effect change in an organization or section of an organization with a view of improving the organization’s effectiveness. It has the following attributes:
* A planned process of change.
* Applies ...view middle of the document...

* A process managed from the top.
Behavioral science knowledge and practices incorporate concepts such as leadership, group dynamics, work design and approaches such as strategy, organization design and international relations (Cummings and Worly, 1997). OD is not a business planning or technological innovation model but rather an easy and flexible process of planning and implementing change.

* Discuss the emphasis of each type of change and its relevance in today’s business environment.
* The emphasis of each type of change breaks down as follows:
* Strategic change interventions
* Transformational change
* Continuous change
* Transorganizational change
* Human resource management interventions
* Performance management
* Developing talent
* Managing workforce diversity and wellness
* Technostructural interventions
* Restructuring organizations
* Employee involvement
* Work design

* Human Process Interventions
* Interpersonal and group process approaches
* Organizational process approaches

* Organizations that do not bring about timely change in appropriate ways are unlikely to survive. One reason that the rate of change is accelerating is that knowledge and technology feed on themselves, constantly creating innovations at exponential rates. Few business leaders would have envisioned in the mid-1990s, the revolutionary impact the Internet and World Wide Web would have on business practices in the early twenty-five century.
Change will not disappear or dissipate. Technology, an ever- expanding list of applications and the spontaneous combustion of creative thoughts will maintain their ever-accelerating drive onwards. Managers, and the enterprises they serve, be the public or private, service or manufacturing, will continue to be judged by their ability to effectively and efficiently manage change.

Cummings, T. G., & Worley, C. G. (2015). Organization development and change (10th ed.). Mason, Ohio: Cengage Learning.

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