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O Captain, My Captain Essay

583 words - 3 pages

Fallen Cold and Dead

By Sheenji Jung

"Oh captain, my captain, our fearful trip is done." Fred whispered tearfuly into his captains' ear. But his captain did not reply. His lips were still and pale. He made no movement and he had no pulse. He couldn't feel Fred's arm cradling his bleeding head or his tears of grief. The Argo groaned and creaked as it let down its' anchor, finally resting from its' long, hard voyage. The port was crowded with worried wives and eager children cheering, exulting and looking for their loved ones,but the crew of the Argo knew that the war had been won with a grave price. Fred blinked back hot tears in his eyes. The captain should have been standing valiently on the deck of the ship, waving to the admiring crowd. Instead, he rested fallen, cold and dead, ...view middle of the document...

The crew marched out of the Argo, it had been long since their feet touchedsolid earth. Fred lifted his captains' body and followed his comrades. The crowd gasped with shock as they saw the fallen hero. At that moment, Mayor Thomas arrived on his horse and saluted the crew. He cleared his throat and and spoke, "Captain Edward Cook was a brave, courageous man. His life was taken when he led our men to fight to protect Lodonderry. He will not be forgotten. A funeral ceromony will be held on the Hill at noon to honour him and others whose lives were taken," When noon came the Hill was crowded like the port. The Captain was already in a glass coffin. Fred treaded mournfuly up the hill. It seemed like a dream that his brave, mighty captain was now as lifeless as a ragged doll. As Mayor Thomas recited all the captains' achievements, memories of adventures and voyages flooded Freds' heart. His captains' smile and atitude made him a likable leader, many a time he had saved Freds' life. Freds' heart ached with sorrow as he remembered nights around a campfire while singing songs and roasting a chicken. It all seemed like a distant dream now.
Mayor Thomas then awarded medals of bravery to all the crew. Fred knew he deserved it but the cold metal didnt feel right, resting on his chest. He felt he should give all the medals in the world to his captain. His comrades seemed to agree, all staring gloomily at their medals, unable to forget their grief. The crew, even though their muscles were aching silently insisted on digging the grave. They made sure it was very deep. No-one would dare move their captain. Every bead of sweat and every blister seemed like a small gift to the man they loved. When the quality of the grave finally satisfied Fred, the captain was placed gently on the hill and then  buried where the captain would not only lie fallen, cold and dead, but also remembered, loved and missed.

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