Nursing Trends That I Foresee In 2020

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Nursing Trends:
That I foresee in the year 2020
In the last thirty five years, nursing care has
branched out from strictly clinical, hospital and
nursing home setting to other areas. Due to strict
health insurance payment guidelines, patients today
are being sent home from the hospitals faster and
sicker. This in turn increases the demand for more
nursing care in the home. A lot of today's nurses are
filling this need between the patient’s
home and the hospital health care team. This trend
continues to grow. Due to shorter hospital stay of
patients, multiple skilled nurses and advanced
technology, many changes will be impacted in
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5-30). Nurses have to be
Ready to answer difficult questions such as; A)
Should I encourage my family to be tested
genetically? B) Will genetic testing results really
Be kept confidential? C) W hat are the social .
implications and or consequences for possessing
"imperfect" genes? In addition to the above issues,
issues concerning the end of life such as advance
directives, abortion, organ donation and assisted
suicide will still remain.
Just as there is a growing trend for workers to
see themselves as people who contract their services
to corporations/organizations, so it is that nurses


rather than "having" jobs are more and more
thinking of themselves as consultants to clients.
"Dejobbing" means focusing on needed work to be
done rather than a "job" (Bellack 106-113). The
result of "Dejobbing" in the future will include; A)
Nurses subcontracting with service providers; B)
Specialized health services (e.g. emergency
department services and critical care services) will
be placed to specialty companies; C) "Departments
such as nursing education, quality improvement,
infection control and nursing administration will be
subcontracted to specific nursing professionals,
health services corporations, and nursing groups".
(Bellack 106-113).
Although the trends of nursing in the year 2005
will be towards specialty care, dealing with complex
ethical dilemmas and...

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