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Nursing Expertise Self Report Scale Reflection

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Nursing Expertise Self-Report Scale Reflection
Marvi Sanchez
January 13, 2014

Nursing Expertise Self-Report Scale Reflection

The Nursing Expertise Self-Report Scale has given me an assessment of how I see myself as an experienced nurse (Hansten & Jackson 2009).This has provided me an insight of my strengths and weaknesses.
My past experiences have helped me in making patient care decisions. Many years working in the orthopedic unit have given me knowledge in caring for my patients. I often get a feeling if my patient will be taking a turn for the worse. My experience has improved my assessment skills. Being aware and knowledgeable ...view middle of the document...

When I care for my group of patients I make every effort for my patients to trust me as their caregiver. There are many challenges to communicating with patients because each one has a different personality. The different cultural population of our patients is also a factor. I like to get as much information from my patients to get to know them. I start conversations with my patient and families when I pass my medications and do my initial assessments. This allows time for us to talk without feeling rushed. There are also many barriers to starting a conversation. It may be that the patient is currently in a lot of pain or a language barrier exists.
There are times when it is difficult not to get affected or attached to your patient. These are situations when a nurse must be professional but also nurturing at the same time. For example, I floated to another unit and had to care for a patient who was recently diagnosed with a chronic illness. It was extremely hard for me emotionally because my own daughter also suffers from a chronic disease. The positive outcome was we were able to relate better with one another and developed an instant bonding.
In conclusion, there are many factors that affect how nurses from different years of expertise handle certain patient scenarios. Each nurse has her own beliefs and rationale for her actions to obtain the best patient outcome.

 Hansten, R. I., & Jackson, M. (2009). Clinical delegation skills: A handbook for professional practice (4th ed.). Sudbury, MA: Jones & Bartlett.

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