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Nursing Ethics Essay

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Nursing Ethics
Shannon Gonnelly
Grand Canyon University: NRS-437V
July 02, 2016

Nursing Ethics
Numerous individuals see the nursing profession as an honorable profession with high ethical standards. When a nurse graduates from college they take the Florence Nightingale Pledge, which implies they have a moral obligation to their patients (American Nurses Association, 2015). Nurses additionally take after a Code of Ethics that gives them a guide to what their obligations are in providing quality of care to patients and what their ethical commitments are (American Nurses Association, 2015). Despite the fact that there is a Code of Ethics, nurses still face numerous predicaments when ...view middle of the document...

The author

believes that end of life care is what nursing is all about because the nurses task at this point is to make them restful and to simply be there for them so they are not alone. Despite the fact that this is the most difficult part of the job emotionally, there is something extraordinary about making the elderly patient feel that they are not going to pass away alone. The author's devotion is to God, her family, and her patients. God is what gives the author courage and direction, particularly amid the troublesome times. It can be a battle to be a spouse, mother, companion, and nurse but it is confidence that keeps the author going when times become difficult. It is having a little effect in somebody's life that is the most compensating and why the author loves being a nurse.
Nursing Philosophy
Nursing philosophy depends on individual and expert qualities and convictions. Nurses care for numerous patients with various cultural foundations and beliefs from around the globe. Nursing philosophy has three traits which are obligation, understanding, and professionalism (Kutin, 2013). Nurses follow after an ethical structure that incorporates qualities and morals (Shahriari et al., 2013). Qualities guide an individuals' needs in life and structure the world around us (Shahriari et al., 2013). Morals are thought to be what is correct or incorrect. For instance, adulterating a record would be morally wrong. The author's perspective and rationality are based on confidence in God, faith, and what was found out through life experience both professionally and individually. Ethics are gauges that expert individuals follow to choose what is the right choice in a circumstance (Grand Canyon University 2015). For instance, a nurse has a moral obligation to report somebody that is misrepresenting a record. Acting as a nurse

supervisor, the author's moral structure incorporates ensuring patients are approached with regard and deference. For instance, a nurse's assistant is giving a bed bath to a patient that is entirely uncovered and exposed. As a nurse supervisor, the assistant should be taught on legitimate bathing methods and also illuminate them that in a few cultures this could be viewed as disrespectful. Another moral obligation is ensuring that nurses are practicing within their field of practice. For instance, a licensed practical nurse giving a drug that is not within their field of practice. The author's moral obligation would be to report this behavior to the higher-up. In today's world, nurses are accountable for keeping up with their ethical learning to give protected and legitimate care to patients regardless of what their social or religious convictions might be. Nurses need to show sympathy, understanding, and appreciation for all patients of various societies (Kutin, 2013). Nurses need to maintain their professionalism by knowing their field of practice and code of ethics (Kutin, 2013). Nurses from around the world share the...

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