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Albert Einstein once said: “The release of atomic energy has not created a new problem. It has merely made more urgent the necessity of solving an existing one.” What does everybody know about nuclear energy? When most of you think of the word nuclear you might think of bombs. We talk about clean energy and most of you think of water or wind power, but there are some big drawbacks to those and through this I would like to educate you about another source.
I. What is nuclear power?
Nuclear power is when you harness the power of radioactive metals decaying (that is where they constantly keep losing electrons). The power is then used to heat water into steam and then using the pressure built by the steam to turn a turbine to create energy.
A. Advantages
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II. Comparing common sources of clean energy
There are many clean energy sources but the most common are wind and water. These two are thought of and talked about often.
A. Air power
Wind power is a great source of power because it is inexhaustible and it creates no emissions. But the fact is that to create enough power to please the populace, there has to be a designated area that has nonstop wind that has to be certain strength and then you have to take up a lot of land to create these wind farms. In a way they are an eyesore but the problem is that you cannot use that land for anything else. So to use this power cannot support the gap that will be created when the coal plants are closed.
B. Water power
Water is a powerful source of energy. It is said that water can move hills and create valleys. Water power is also very iconic. Such as the Hoover dam in Colorado or the three gorges dam in china. But like wind it also has its major flaws. Water generators can only be created where there is deep and fast flowing rivers. That limits water power quite bit geographically making it unsuitable to please the demand of energy.
II. Sustainability
Sustainability means that it meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. Nuclear energy can take that role because there is evidence. There is over 130 ships in the sea that use nuclear power and there are some nations such as France and Japan that use nuclear energy as a primary source of energy. With today’s technology I believe that it is possible to use nuclear energy safely and effectively.
The purpose of nuclear energy is to make more electricity more efficiently and effectively. This may be the next step to go greener and cut down on our carbon emissions. Nuclear energy is the solution to today’s and tomorrow’s energy crisis. As Einstein says to every solution there is another problem.

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