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Nt1210 Intro To Networking 4.3 Essay

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NT1210 Lab 4.3 Cabling exploration
Exercise 4.3.1
Use your textbook and Internet research to complete the comparison in Table 4-3. Cite the sources from which you retrieved the information to complete the comparison.
UTP-Defines a cable that can carry data up to 100 Mbps. The signaling frequency of this cable is up to 100 MHz. Cheapest form of cable available for networking purposes. Easy to handle and install. Highly prone to external interference like EMI and RFI. Highly prone to crosstalk. Unable to provide secured transmission of data.
Coaxial (Thinnet) 185m 100 Mbps Low Uses thin cabling, low hardware costs Difficult to troubleshoot, difficult to maintain.
Coaxial (Thicknet) 500m ...view middle of the document...

Each have their disadvantages and advantages which is above in the hierarchy and links.
Exercise 4.3.3
Using the description of Network A and Figure 4-4, create a cabling solution for this network that meets the owner’s needs. Justify your choices. For all workstations from A-E I would use UTP to connect to S1 and from S1 to R1 I would use UTP. From R1 to S2 I use a MMF cable that would be strung up top of the factory floor. A little more expensive even with MMF NIC for R1 still better in the long run. S2 to F-H I would use UTP for all the workstations. UTP is a cheaper cable solution Owners A network but will need a MMF to make across the factory floor. You want to cheap out you get what you pay for. PCs F-H to connect to S2 (Switch $140) = $0.25 x 150 = $37.50 PCs A-E to connect to S1 (Switch $140) = 200 x $0.25 = $50 MMF cable running 210m from S2 to R1 = 210 x 0.35 = $73.50
Exercise 4.3.4
Using the description of Network B and Figure 4-5, create a cabling solution for this network that meets the owner’s needs. Choose whether you want to connect the three routers in full mesh and explain your choice. Justify your choices.
Workstations A-C I would use UTP 3 10m which cost $2.50 each a piece. To connect to one Router that would cost $140 each and 2 SMF Nic expansion card cost $160 each. Workstations D-F I would use UTP 3 5m which cost...

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