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Now Compared To Then Essay

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It is important for an employer to have an understanding of how their employees form perceptions and make attributions to being part of the team. There are many ways in which an employee can learn and it is up to the employer to understand how that gets accomplished. The way an employee learns can have an influence on their job performance and can be leverage in determining whether or not that individual is correct for a particular position.

The perception of any employee to other individuals is an important functionality to the overall operation of a company. Also, the attributes that can be contributed to the company on a whole, can ...view middle of the document...

A negative attribute of an employee with some form of disability is that they have characteristics of having poor job search skills, poor work histories and poor habits. These individuals do have offerings that they bring to a work environment that is opposite of what

others might think. Workers with disabilities are often productive, reliable employee and the costs of accommodations for workers with disabilities are usually low. One way to assess negative employer perceptions on the employment of people with disabilities is to compare the employability ratings of disabled and nondisabled job candidates who are equally qualified to perform the job for which they are applying (Bricout & Bentley, 2000). By evaluating both forms of potential employees allows the employer to make a fair hiring decision that is based on supportive facts and not a pre-determined decision?
The employees that work under Joe need to understand that the importance of how they form perceptions of other co-workers and what kind of attributions are formed based on the speed, high pressure and financial gain that can be made from such inputs. A new employee that comes to work for the Great Northern American Company can be very over whelmed by the environment that is of the work place. Decisions need to be made on the “fly” in order to close certain sale deals with customers, because all the workers understand that the effort that one puts in is rewarded at the end.
Learning Theory
With The Great Northern Company being such a financial success for the past 35 years, it has a lot to do and say about the leadership that overlooks the employees and molds them into being the productive sales person that works there. The rewards are great, and for those that want to be a part of the success train, need to look at those around them. See what they are doing right and where areas of improvements can take place.

Social learning is a priceless tool that can be used in a work environment between peers to promote growth, friendly competition and offer advice. The passage of ideas, thoughts and suggestions can be accomplished thru the use of social media. This use of social media is a quick affect learning tool that not only develops positive learning attitudes; it also is a developing practice that is changing the professional landscape rather in a quick pace. A key reason why social learning is becoming much more pervasive in organizations is the changing composition of the workforce. Baby Boomers are retiring, and predictions are that by 2014, half of the workforce will be Millennials. They have grown up using technology and expect it to be part of how they work. And, increasing numbers of individuals are adopting it (Allen, 2011).
Applying Learning Theory
The workplace is a changing environment from what it was only a few years ago and that is because of the technology that is being created. The thinking mentality of the...

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