Now And Again Essay

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So looking back at my education since I was able to understand what the meaning of writing really is which was about the fifth grade. I loved to write poetry and stories and that was the good moments of my writing when in school and we were able to just free write it was always the best times of my education. The ...view middle of the document...

I am a frequenter of run-on sentences. Every time I wrote a paper I can remember the countless times that I sat in my seat waiting on my teacher to pass back papers and getting points off for run-on’s. Statements like “Jasmine you have beautiful writing but you need to learn to use much more punctuation” As a writer this tells me I need much more work I feel that my mind is in the right place to write but the logics to set up my writing the way it is taught isn’t as good as it could be. This was how I felt a little before I had a class at a college level in writing over the summer. This classed allowed me to develop myself just a little more than the level I began on. I felt good to know that the faults and failures I had in writing were able to be changed. I am a lot better in punctuation because of the many tips I received.

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