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North Korea Political Evaluation Essay

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Will North Korea in due time undergo changes or experience implosions sooner or later ? Is a big changing or a revolution similar to the Arab Spring possible in North Korea?
The answer from me and most scholars and intelligence analysts has been ‘‘NO’’
The Pyongyang regime’s stability in the aftermath of the events in the Middle East and North Africa is an ‘‘old question’’ that was answered in the 1990s when the DPRK (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, North Korea) faced the most critical test of its life, and survived. The collapse of the Soviet Union, the drastic cuts in patron aid from China, and the onset of famine that killed hundreds of thousands all constituted the ultimate ...view middle of the document...

In March 2012, a senior administration official told CNN journalist that Kim Jong Un was "acting in ways a bit more extreme than his father[->0], who was colder and more calculated."
"I don't recall he ever went this far in terms of the pace and scope of the rhetoric. Threatening to launch nukes directly against the United States and South Korea confirms what a lot of people have been saying, which is we are dealing with someone new," the official added.(3)

Kim's youth and education abroad offered promise for many North Korea watchers that he would be more willing to engage with the West.
But It seems Unfortunately, he is following the example of his father and grandfather pretty closely that I think. All the last political strategies and moves of North Korea shows that. "It's hard to be optimistic."

Kim Jong Un had no political or military experience before taking putative control of the army, the party, and the nation. The young leader had little time to learn anything his behavior is at best hard to read, and at times bewildering.

President Obama agreed to provide North Koreans with food aid if they suspended missile and nuclear tests . But Kim embarked on a missile test before the food arrived. He touted the act after Obama canceled the food aid and got the U.N. Security Council to condemn the North Korean action.
Kim Jong Un always is compared to his father and grandfather.

Kim Jong Il and Kim Il Sung "would make a threat, and wait for the enemy (the United States, South Korea, the U.N.) to offer a bribe in exchange for their forbearance. They would take the bribe -- and they'd forbear," Author Fred Kaplan says in his article(4)

But this new Kim took the promise of a bribe then went ahead and carried out the threat anyway, even before the payment, in this case desperately needed food, came through. What the hell?
People now want to know new leader Kim "knows how to play his family's game,

Actually Kim Yong Un is not alone for governing to his state. His family seems to be with him in this play. It is not an only father and son game.

While his image makers seek to portray the boyish leader as a tough guy with his finger on the nuclear trigger, it is thought to be his aunt and uncle who are pulling the strings behind the scenes.
Kim Kyong-hui and her husband Jang Sung-taek, both 66, are the Pyongyang power couple who were chosen by the late Kim Jong-il before he died in 2011 to help consolidate the authority of his son.(5)
So Although young leader Kim Jong Un[->1] has been portrayed as a tough talking leader[->2] setting the world's nerves on edge with his belligerence, but many analysts believe the real powers behind-the-scenes are Kim's aunt and uncle.
Hence, changing doesn’t only belong to Kim jong un.His family is one of the biggest obstacle infront of changing.
After dead of “Dear Leader” Kim Yong Il , there was many important thing happened in North Korea,
One of them was the third and the most...

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