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Norms Essay

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Going against the Norms
Have you ever seen a six foot four inch man get into the driver side of a small vehicle? Or have you checked out a woman with amazing, toned hour glass body and thought to yourself that you look happier than her, so it does not matter what you look like? These situations and thoughts do not come and go often because that is not how we typically think. According to the new 2016 Super Bowl commercials, the two commercials that caught my attention of going against these society norms was the Mini USA campaign defying label’s, as well as the Axe Menswear deodorant during the commercial breaks. Both of these showed in different perspectives of how we could be happy ...view middle of the document...

Another Advertisement that grasped my attention during the commercials for Super Bowl was the Axe deodorant and spray that had the campaign of “Find Your Magic”. The advertisement heavily enforced on how men should not worry about whether or not they have a six pack abs but instead; celebrate their quirks that make them a specific individual. The commercials have different comparing “Why have abs when you got the (Other attracting variable)”. This advertisement gave men freedom to feel just as handsome and attractive without having the “Greek God body” on Abercrombie models, but to be happy and satisfied with the unique quirks and personality they have while using the brand Axe. This specific campaign gave a creative image on how using this product will make you feel self-satisfied.
Both of these advertisements had great representation of how these products can help build self-image with confidence. Assuring many that is okay to go against the norms- to purchase the products and have what works for each individual. Whether if it is driving a car that does not meet the gender specificity or to wear the specific deodorant or any fragrance. We are all hung up on how others view us that we live our day making sure we feel accepted with the choices that we make. It was liberating to see these advertisements that represented confidence in different perspectives. If you look up the definition of self-confidence, it talked about how...

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