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None Yet Essay

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Budget Reduction Suggestions

• bounce back provision to increase retirements
• break up AMPS and offer “ala carte” AMPS
• charge for permits to use buildings
• clean buildings every other day
• close buildings at 5 p.m.
• close buildings for inservice/records day (teachers work from home)
• close Spring Valley and move to KV
• computerize time-keeping of classified
• cut EPD from EHS
• cut one team of 9th grade at EHS
• cut/reduce Whitguard
• don’t replace retiring administrators
• eliminate assistant principals
• eliminate band options—start in later ...view middle of the document...

• eliminate teaming in middle schools and high school
• eliminate three PE teachers at EHS
• eliminate varsity assistants in some sports
• encourage open enrollment
• explore charter school options
• four-day week
• furlough administrators
• have 6th, 7th, 8th grade building instead of middle schools
• increase class size
• institute substitute call in system
• investigate central registration
• investigate equipment savings (copiers, technology)
• K-3 AMPS into regular curriculum
• look at minimums for support services
• look at numbers of secretaries, nurses, and assistant principals
• LPNs replace RNs
• no “pick up” for administrative contracts
• pay to play (full or partial)
• postpone textbook purchases
• principal sharing among buildings
• redefine custodial duties
• redefine media services (add technology back to general curriculum)
• reduce AMPS
• reduce café staff at EHS
• reduce extended time contracts
• reduce supplementals
• renegotiate purchased services
• review aide staffing
• review EHS curricula
• review how grant $ are spent before general funds
• review maintenance/custodial supervisors
• review management of data
• review mileage usage
• review minimum enrollment at EHS including AP
• sell properties
• special ed students return for service
• STRS buyout
• “twilight” schools

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