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Non Verbal Communication Essay

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Non-verbal communication (NVC) is the process of communicating through sending and receiving written messages and conveying messages through gestures.
The quote, “Actions speak louder than words” clearly explains the meaning of nonverbal communication as well as tell us it's importance in our daily conversations. Nonverbal communication is the most important of all types of communications.

It is divided into four basic types – physical, esthetic, symbolic and communication ...view middle of the document...

Symbolic – includes those involved in religion and maintaining status.

Signs – includes both mechanical and physical.

Our facial expressions are especially important in conveying emotions.

One should pay attention to the multiple aspects of nonverbal communication and their relation with the verbal communication. In any interaction, one is likely to get simultaneous messages from a person's eyes, gestures, facial expressions, posture, use of space and touch. This would lead to misinterpretation of the conveyed/intended messages. Nonverbal messages are inherently ambiguous and could be multichanneled too. Hence, it is difficult to decode the nonverbal messages. Therefore, care is to be taken while interpreting nonverbal msesages and new and innovative ways to 'read' the same will have to be developed to prevent unnecessary confusions.

Nonverbal communication also includes Extrasensory Perception (E.S.P), which is defined as the awareness, or response to, an external event or influence, not apprehended by presently known sensory means. E.S.P helps one in superior decision making abilities and helps enhance creativeness. But, this area of nonverbal communication is not widely researched. Hence, more work is to be put into this part of the 'Silent Language'.

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