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Non Communicable Diseases Essay

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Prior to this subject, HLSC120, I had had no encounters with sociology and hence had a limited understanding as to what it it pertained to and why it was studied. The video created by Steele (Three Minute Sociologist, 2009), as referenced in eModule 1, asserts that sociology considers not just the individual, but their interaction with others and the social forces acting on them. Viewing a given situation from a sociological perspective is like “looking from the top ...view middle of the document...

I found this to be particularly noteworthy, as I often fall prey to assessing a person’s health leve, particualry in the case of lifestyle diseases, as being a result of an individual’s own personal short comings. However after using this approach to further develop my initial analysis of the question using Willis’ (Germov, 2014, p.7-8) sociological imagination template and its associated factors; historical, cultural, structural, critical, I was able to better consider the interplay of these factors producing a person’s level of health. In particular, develop the awareness that people are inevitably products of their own society and their capacity to attain good health is ultimately limited to the social factors that surround them. Considering the example of obesity and its rising prevalence in developed countries, as a result of my high school studies I understand these nations to have a history of gluttony and indulgence that has continued into the present, ultimately resulting in diets that consists of less than satisfactory nutrition wise. Furthermore, I have experienced these cultures to have a focus on careers, in particular those in an office setting, resulting in a more sedentary lifestyle that does not spare sufficient time for physical activity or selecting healthy food choices.

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