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Noli Essay

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Characters | Rizal’s Description(Their traits, aspirations, weaknesses) | Your reflection/insight |
Crisostomo Ibarra | Also known in his full name as Juan Crisóstomo Ibarra y Magsalin, a Filipino who studied in Europe for 7 years, the love interest of María Clara. Son of the deceased Don Rafael Ibarra; Crisostomo changed his surname from Eibarramendia to Ibarra, from his ancestor's surname. He is announced deceased at the end of the novel. | He is the one that Filipinos must look up to. He tends to think first before acting on something. |
Capitan Tiago | Also known in his full name as Don Santiago de los Santos the known father of María Clara (not the real one) who lives in Binondo. He is thought of as a good Catholic, mainly because he donates generously to the Church. | Capitan Tiago symbolizes the rich Filipinos who torture their fellow countrymen in exchange for the influence and the riches that ...view middle of the document...

She went insane after her boys were accused as thieves and eventually were nowhere to be found. Sisa works doing some sewing for other people who often promise payment even though it had been delivered on time. She has a weak character and poor intellect. She was humble, even with her sons, as she would often inquire what they had in mind. She also values her reputation and dignity, despite her obvious poverty. | Sisa signifies the true meaning of motherhood. She still looks up to her husband even though he is irresponsible. And the care and love that she shown for her sons is somewhat priceless. |
Elias | Elias was created with the love and devotion of Rizal. Although his education is minimal, the injustices that have befallen his family have enlarged and sharpened his intellect and made him hate the social conditions around him. | Elias justifies the ignorant, immoral, lazy and egoistic Filipinos that abound in the novel. |
Sipa | Member of the confraternity of Santisimo Rosario of the church. She was characterized as a very active member of all the happenings and gatherings in the church. | |
Juana | | |
Rufa | | |
Dona Consolacion | She is a Filipino woman married to a Spaniard. Her very actions and way of dressing will lead people to think that she is a whore. | She is very boisterous of her wealth and pretends to be of a higher class which is being a Spaniard. And she also looks down at her fellow Filipinos. |
Dona Victorina | She is an ambitious Filipina who classifies herself as Spanish and mimics Spanish ladies by putting on heavy make-up. She had lots of admirers, but she did not choose any of them because nobody was a Spaniard. Later on, she met and married Don Tiburcio de Espadaña. She has always dreamed of finding a Spanish husband. It actually came to pass but she did not like Don Tiburcio. She merely forced herself to marry him despite having fallen in love with Kapitan Tiyago. | A very pretentious woman acting like one of the elites. Just some like other Filipina wanting to marry someone of a different nationality believing that they will have a higher value in the society. |

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