Nokia Mission And Vision, Strategies Pursuit, Recommended Technologies, Business Level Strategies And Coporation

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Table of Contents
I. Introduction 2
II. Question 1: Nokia’s mission and vision 2
III. Question 2: Alarm in Nokia’s strategic pursuits 4
IV. Question 3: Strategy and techniques recommended for Nokia 8
V. Question 4 :Technologies that Nokia should have done 9
VI. Question 5: Business level strategy Nokia should take and actions to support it. 10
VII. Question 6: Nokia and Microsoft corporate 12
VIII. Conclusion 13
IX. Reference 14

I. Introduction
Operating in the turbulent and globalized business market require a well-prepared plan and vision in order to go ahead of the market and being the market leader, which would ensure the success and survival for the organization in ...view middle of the document...

However, the team needs to distinguish the difference between the mission statement and the vision statement. So, all they do is showing theirs understanding why the organization need to existed, the purpose of theirs existence; but then the different is that the mission statement clearly describes the primary objectives, defining keys to success of the organizational while the vision statement would define the value of organization, allow employees to identify how they should behave and work their best to organizational success (Sabrautzki, 2010).
The very famous vision statement of Nokia is “Connecting people”, which means that Nokia aims to connect people from different areas around the world by providing them the electronic devices that would facilitate connection (Nokia, 2012). By using the communication products in Nokia, customers would feel like they are connecting with people worldwide despite geographical disperse. Inspired by the vision of connecting people, the mission statement of Nokia is much more the same “to build great mobile products to enable billions of people everywhere to get connected” (Hill and Jones, 2012).
The mobile phone market has been changing rapidly as Nokia’s competitors are researching and developing what is so-called smartphone and launching new products frequently to obtain more market share. “Connecting people” is not something very amazing right now, but basic; while most of the hand phone nowadays would have to be installed with many applications and soft wares. However, smartphone has been changing the definition of a hand phone by allowing people connect to the Internet, for whatever the purposes are: business, entertainment (play high-definition game and watch movie). Therefore, the vision statement of Nokia was being suggested that it should be changed into something like “connecting and entertaining people”. It could show to people that Nokia would be able to provide them a device that could satisfy their needs and demanding about communication and entertainment. This vision statement would be more realistic in the modern world where mobile phones/smartphones are everywhere.
In additional, the mission statement might need to change so Nokia can get into this competitive industry. Connecting people, again, need to be perceived as something very basic at the moment. Smartphone would do more than that, and because of not being able to satisfy customers with the competitive market; Nokia has continued to decline and drop in the industry. Therefore, the mission statement is suggested to change to “to build the highest quality mobile phone that would satisfy the needs of communication and entertainment of billions of people.” This would allow Nokia to strategically re-position itself by launch out a new smartphone in the competitive market, to let them know that Nokie can do more than just connecting people.
III. Question 2: alarm in Nokia’s strategic pursuits
The competitive forces model, a.k.a...

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